Horizons Trust

We engage, We include, We have fun.

Our History

Horizons Trust is a Christchurch-based registered charity that has been providing flexible day support for people with intellectual disabilities since 1997. We have the staffing and facilities to accommodate a wide and diverse range of abilities.

Our Mission

Horizons Trust enables adults of all ages to develop confidence, build relationships, and learn life skills through a range of diverse activities, in a fun, safe, caring, and supportive environment.

Our Vision

Horizons Trust strives for a world where everyone is valued and treated equally. We promote the inclusion and engagement of people with varying abilities within the wider community. We aspire to provide an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, participate, and engage fully in activities to the maximum of their abilities, while having fun and smiling.

Our Core Values


We respect our clients and treat them with dignity, realising that each person has their own specific set of needs and abilities.

We value and respect our staff and our stakeholders, understanding that we must work collaboratively to provide the best possible service to our clients.


We demand of ourselves the highest level of professionalism in all our undertakings.


We strive to create engaging, individually challenging, and fun activities.

We promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, constantly seeking better ways to deliver our services.


We believe in responsible management and the active oversight of an engaged board of trustees, which ensures that we are able to support our clients in the long term.

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